Zeplan EPDs:

Bwt Wwt Ywt Milk M+G
2.5 46.3 64.7 23.3 46.4
Carc Wt Fat Thk REA Marbling % Cuts
12.0 -0.04 0.07 0.14 .25

Zeplan sired calves will have moderate birth weights with above average growth. 
It is nice to have "Showbull" that sires calves with great eye appeal that do not
sacrifice growth and performance.  Zeplan is in the top 10% of the Maine-Anjou
breed for both Milk and Marbling!  Two very important traits at O'Hara Land and Cattle!

Zeplan Pedigree:

Sire: Cowan's Ali 4M NBH Polled Energizer 688
FJH Countess 115H
  Commercial Dam


Dam: K&A Kasanova K1 Cunia
K&A Sally F601
Miss K&A 440P    
  K&A Ricki H804 Phillip Polled Copy
K&A Ricki E553

Zeplan is a 75% Maine-Anjou bull that is PHA and TH free!  He does not have any
 Whiskey or Sooner genetics in his pedigree.  He works well on both Whiskey and
 Sooner based cows to add frame and milk!  Contact us if you have any questions
about this great AI sire.

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