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We at O'Hara Farms have been breeding Maine-Anjou cattle for the past 40 years.  Change is ever present and tradition is moving forward with the involvement of the next generation.  Heath and Hardy, with Mike, d.b.a. O'Hara Land & Cattle, are expanding into Maine-Angus genetics from one of the most extensive performance-tested Maine-Anjou herds you will ever find.  The MVH prefix has become synonymous with outstanding herd sires and exceptional productive females that are proven with results, acceptance, and time.

    O'Hara Land & Cattle will continue to breed quality cattle in the harsh environment of north-central Montana for the commercial and purebred cattlemen around the country.  Through embryo transplant we are combining our proven and predictable genetics with other top Maine and Angus bloodlines to obtain the best possible Maine and Maine-Angus hybrid genetics available to our valued customers.

    O'Haras are a four-generation agricultural family and a pioneer Maine-Anjou breeder since 1971 whose program is built on honesty and integrity with the simple desire to produce highly productive, efficient, hard-working bulls and females that set industry standards for quality, consistency and longevity.

    Mike, Heath and Hardy invite you to the ranch outside of Fort Benton, the birthplace of Montana; where the tradition is moving forward with  a proven program that endures generation after generation.


Mike and Diana

Mike and Diana O'Hara
128 Rockin LV Ln
Fort Benton, MT
Phone: (406)734-5434


Kari, Braydee, Blake and Heath

Heath and Kari O'Hara
521 Dahlstrom Dr
Fort Benton, MT


Top:  Mikell and Hardy    Bottom:  Trevor, Emmery and Cali

Hardy and Cali O'Hara
811 Redant Ln
Fort Benton, MT
Phone: (406)734-5252



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